Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Switzerland, NC Sept 14

We were close to Asheville where we had started so Kent and Sloan decided to ride back to the car and drive to Little Switzerland and meet us there. I think Sloan was getting tired as we had doing a lot of climbing and Kent really wanted to ride Mt. Mitchell. So we spit up and they headed to Asheville and Bruce and I headed to Little Switzerland. Kent is thinking about renting a road bike and ride Mt Mitchell with Bruce and I.

Bruce and I had a beautiful day to ride a hard ride, but at least we had a tail wind! Tailwinds are great, but if it's as hot as it was today you don't get the breeze to cool you off so it was hot. We came to a closed section of the road and took a 5 mile detour on a gravel road. We stopped a MBer and he said the road wasn't too bad so off we went and it wasn't too bad as I just took it easy and didn't have any trouble. Then after we rejoined the road a couple said that the closed section was going to become a bike trail as they weren't going to reopen the road, and that we could have rode that section. Oh well. So we arrived at Big Lynn Lodge and had a nice two days there. They had a list of rules that was extensive and one of the rules was that they don't allow bikes in the rooms. This worked out okay as we just locked them up outside and they were basically out of site and it wasn't a place that I was worried about anything happening to them. Dinner and breakfast were included in the price and we even had set times to eat and assigned tables. The people with seniority get the tables closest to the windows, which offered a nice view. We got a window table. Woohoo!

And then to our surprise Sloan said that she would ride Mt Mitchell with us! Life is good and I was glad to hear it. So tomorrow is the big ride! Today was 43 miles with 3391 feet of climbing.

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