Friday, October 24, 2008

Black Mountain, NC Sept 13

After another rest day we rode to Black Mountain. The rest day was rainy and miserable so I spent the day resting, after all, it was a rest day, and cleaned and lubed the bike. I was tempted to ride back up the descent that we flew down yesterday just so I could do it again, but this time stop and take a lot of pictures. But after looking at the bent all nice and clean I just couldn't bring myself to get it all dirty again, so it was kind of a boring day with not much to do. We went to two bike shops so all was not lost. :>))

We got a little late start under cloudy skies, but it soon turned in to blue skies and a nice day. I thought today was the easiest day so far and the next two are going to be two of the hardest, bring 'em on! It got very hot today. Bruce and Kent both have colds and I'm doing my best to keep from getting it. So bruce is napping after a stop at Wendy's, Taco Bell, and McDonald's. Makes you wonder how we manage to stay so slim! ;>)

So we rode 55 miles and climbed 3439 fet.

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