Saturday, October 4, 2008

Franklin, North Carolina Sept. 8 2008

We're staying at the Hampton Inn tonight after riding the long route. Kent and Sloan had a hilly and scenic ride as did Bruce and I. We had a 25 mile climb which was hard, but was well worth the effort. Bruce climbs faster than I do on the recumbent, but when we hit the down hills I smoke him so it evens out in the wash.

We rode along the Nantahala River and it was beautiful as was the forest, stopping at the Nantahala center to see if anyone was kayaking at the moment. We didn't see anyone and after unsuccessfully trying to get a sandwich we headed on out towards Franklin. We got to the Hampton about 3:30 and after a shower we headed to KFC for their buffet, which turned out to be pretty good, but everything tastes pretty good after 63 miles and 4433 feet of climbing!
They are predicting rain tomorrow and tomorrow is a rest day so it might be good to be sitting in a motel room, but I don't do well on rest days, which I found out on my XC trip.

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