Friday, October 24, 2008

Brevard, NC Sept 11

Today was seven years after the ^%T*($^ destroyed the towers. We're staying at the Holiday Inn where we will stay another day as tomorrow is another rest day. We left Waynesville under cloudy skies and a threat of rain and climbed a long 19 miles to the highest point on the BRP. What a beautiful ride this is! Steep, long, foggy, and raining, but enjoyable (relative term) none the less. After the hard climb we enjoyed a great descent to a waterfall that Kent had told us about.

The descent was along a fast running stream and I was torn between wanting to stop and take pictures and not wanting to ruin the descent as it was so sweet, but I did bite the bullet and stopped once.

After a great day of good riding and fast descents we arrived at the Holiday Inn and after getting cleaned up we devoured everything at the salad bar! And then called Ann and Mom and let them know we were all safe and sound. I was thinking about the bike trips and the advantages of solo or group trips. It's nice to have people along to talk to and share the experience with, but then it is also nice to go solo and not be on a schedule. So there are advantages to both sides and I enjoy them both. I like to camp, which no one else is in to, but I enjoy both.
Good ride.....Sloaner bonked! We rode 58 miles with 4810 feet of climbing.

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