Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bryson City, NC BRP

We survived another beautiful day on the Blue Ridge Parkway and we're at the Relaxation Inn drinking a beer and relaxing after another hard day of riding. It was hard, but the scenery is spectacular and the descents are some of the best I've ridden, and I do love the descents! It's the main reason I go up hill so much.

The day started out foggy so we got a late start and today we reached the end of the BRP and continued on back roads for a figure eight ride.
The scenery is just superb! The views from the BRP are awesome! We had ridden the northern portion of the BRP on previous trips so this will finish the BRP. I would go back down there and ride again as it was that nice.
Tomorrow is a short day and Bruce and I may ride the longer option as 28 miles is pretty short, but in these mountains with long climbs it's a lot different than a 28 ride in Ohio.
We all went to Anthony's Italian Restaurant for dinner and had a nice meal and we discussed tomorrow's route. Kent and Sloan will do the 28 mile route and Bruce and I will ride the longer route.
The descents on this trip are some of the best, if not the best, that I've done and I do like my descents. I like climbing, but mainly because they lead to great descents. So I rode 46 miles with 3735 feet of climbing. It was a good day.

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