Saturday, August 22, 2009

Started out as a century!

Hi, I went to Seaman to ride the BCBCBCBC ride planning on my second century for the month. I was riding by myself when after 40 miles I lost a bolt in my front derailleur and I was relegated to the middle chain ring for the rest of the ride. I rode up several hills on the middle and it wasn't bad, but there were bigger and badder hills coming up so I bailed and took a shortcut back to the start and ended up with 60 miles. It was a beautiful day too!

So Monday I'm headed to Ashland for 4 days to visit my Mom and a day or two of riding up there. I'll take the bent if I get a bolt to fix it or the Merlin if I don't. I'm headed to Lowe's tomorrow, where I've been told by a bike mechanic that I can find a bolt that will fit. Wish me luck as Kent and I are planning on riding a century while I'm up there. Later as that's all from here. Peace Paul

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