Friday, August 14, 2009

Long day in the recliner

Howdy, Again it's been a while since I've posted anything so thought I'd write about my PR day of 151 miles riding with Tom Wolf. Tom emailed me saying he was going to Xenia to ride 150 miles and wanted to know if there were any takers. Hello! I had ridden 70 miles on the Merlin one day last week and my butt told me to get back on the bent! I took the bent out and rode to Xenia and back with a hill thrown in for good measure and ended up with 104 miles and was tired and wondered how the 150 was going to feel. So I called Tom and said I was in. Won't know until I ride it.

I was going to drive up early Wednesday morning, but opted to go up Tuesday evening and start riding fresh. We were up at 5 and ate a good breakfast and were on the road a little before 7 for the first of two loops. We rode the first loop through mainly flat farm land with little traffic and sunny skies so life was good. We rode a loop so that we could end up at the cars to resupply our food and water supplies and then headed back out for a longer and different loop that had some rollers and a few short hills and the day stayed nice and sunny and not too hot.

We were riding in Greene County and I was really impressed with the riding conditions. I've ridden a little up in that area before with Tom and by myself, and I'll be returning there to ride again another day. We rode about 90 miles on roads and 60 miles on the bike trails and it was a good mix. Tom wanted to go out in to a cross headwind to start, then turn south and enjoy the tailwind, and then use the bike trail back to Xenia. The bike trail shields a lot of the wind so that cuts the wind factor a little.

All in all I felt really good after the ride. Tired, but good. That's the longest day I've had and wouldn't mind trying a longer one, but this took us 11 hours so it looks like I'm limited to not too many more miles. I stayed on for another night as I was too tired to safely drive home. Heck, I woke myself up snoring and I was just sitting in the bed! So yeah, that was a good call.

We got up the next morning and I had no pain so life is even better, but I will admit to taking three ibuprofen at bed time. We had breakfast and headed out for another 40 miles of easy spinning to refresh the legs. After those 40 I was tired and headed for home after two good days of riding. Life is good!

I'm heading to Ashland to visit Mom and do a little work for her and maybe, just maybe get one or two rides in while there. Oh yeah, I have to go see Dara as I need a haircut bad.

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