Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time, as life is flying by way to fast and I'm really behind in posting on here, but that is relative. We had a great time in Laguna Beach riding with most of the Peckerheads and called it training for the Peckerhead Invitational which is this coming weekend.

Laguna had a little of everything with several 24% grades (mountains!)I just have to teach Coondog what a proper warmup is, but then I probably would have said no quicker. Will cover the negative aspects first. The sun was hiding until the last riding day, but that kept us cooler just restricting the views slightly. A lot of cars, but they were courteous! The riding was a little of everything that is near and dear to a Peckerhead. The roads and highways had bike lanes and there were a lot of bike trails. Food, the food was great and I even ate a little sushi, which was good, but I'll only eat so much raw fish and that was pretty much my life quota as far as I'm concerned. So I'm very appreciative of Scott's generosity. Thank you again Scott.

Tom Wolf is out on a ten day bike trip and spent Sunday night here. I went out looking for him Sunday and was going to ride here with him, but after riding in the rain for a long time we didn't meet up and I came on home. I even rather enjoyed the rain ride as it wasn't cold and a little rain never hurt anyone. Of course I had just finished totally cleaning the Merlin and I don't think it was too happy about getting dirty again, but enjoyed the miles. Tom showed up Sunday night and he had missed all the rain. He then talked me in to riding to Xenia with him on Monday and riding home Tuesday. We had a nice 80 mile ride over trail and back roads to Xenia and then after a good breakfast I headed south and he headed north. He'll end up back in Athens Sunday and I'll be riding in Ashland Sunday if the Peckerhead Invitational hasn't destroyed me.

I would assume everyone is ready for the Peckerhead least most of us. Wait, am I? I have the miles and hopefully the hills as well. It's the age thing that will catch me if anything. The full Holmes will probably be hard, but then isn't any good ride hard? Have to really throw a compliment here to Jaybone and his family as putting on a ride like this takes a lot of time and thought. I mean just look at the invitations as a beginning. I always look forward to see what he comes up with. I think this years may have been a picture of Todd going for beer after discovering that his car was out of gas and his road bike had a flat tire! But I could be wrong.

I had a 266 mile week this week so am ready albeit slower than past Peckerheads. This could be wrong as I'll be on the Merlin instead of the recumbent, but time will tell. Looking forward to riding with all the Peckerheads this Saturday....even if it's raining, which is a real possibility. But hey, we're the Peckerheads! See you all Saturday hopefully!

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