Sunday, May 17, 2009

A nice ride

Howdy, I had a nice ride today and started in Orgonia and rode some old roads and some new ones. I had found this one road the other day that was really pretty, but it didn't start until riding forty some miles from home, which is the reason I drove to the start. I'll have to admit that I got lost, or should I say I was just misplaced as I knew where I was in relation to the bike trail. I ended up riding the route I had planned on riding only rode it in reverse. What I thought was New Burlington Road was not really New Burlington Road. Now I know and it was a nice ride through rolling and flat farm land.

I've been getting some good miles and good climbing in and getting about 160 miles a week with significant climbing so I should be ready for Laguna Beach. The foam was working the other day, but not today that I noticed. It takes more than 54 miles to get foaming though. Today was a really nice day and I fought headwinds the first 20 or so miles, but hey, that builds character! It would have been a little easier on the bent so maybe next ride. Later. Paul

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