Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Winchester, VA

After camping in a churchyard last night, Paul started this morning about 7 am on his last day in the mountains - 75 miles of climb and descent with a total 3,479 ft. of climbing. Although it was a beautiful ride, he was not happy with the WV drivers - they have not been bike friendly. But he continues to find that the staff at the Dairy Queens along the way give him good information (where the library is, which local restaurant has the best meals, location of motels/campsites, etc.) once he has his ice cream fix! At a much lower altitude now, he will just contend with rolling hills tomorrow. Actually he will only have about 20 more miles of road before he hits the Old Dominion Bike Trail which will take him to his final destination in Falls Church, VA. If there is time and the weather holds, he's hoping to tour Washington, DC by bike before I pick him up Friday evening. Ann

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