Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Falls Church, VA

Howdy! Well the trip is over and I just finished a couple shots of tequila in celebration! Bill Cook came out and met me on the Old Dominion Bike Trail and escorted me in to his house as I never would have found him had I tried to find it on my own.

I left Winchester, Virginia this morning and the traffic was heavy and they don't want road hogging bikes on their roads which might impede them a few seconds of precious commuting time. One truck forced me off the road and this was done intentionally as I was on the shoulder and he just eased on over onto the shoulder and then after I was off the road he nonchalantly pulled back over. What an $*@#(%@), but hey, I'm still alive and the trip was a complete success as far as I'm concerned. It was a great ride and the best way to see the country. You just have to watch Bruce around drunken Indians who want him to punch me in the face!

I rode sixty some miles today and will give the final stats when I get home Monday or Tuesday. It's going to seem strange to be back in the car going fast! When I got home the first time I told Ann after the first time that I drove the truck that I thought 35 mph was pretty fast! It didn't take long to adjust. ;>)

So hope you all enjoyed the blog and I'll be finishing it up with the final stats and then some final thoughts as well. And when is the party up north? Later dudes and dudettes! Peace and love Paul

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