Monday, October 1, 2007

Parsons, VBGV


I'm at the library waiting for the fog to burn off. It's foggy and cold and I have a long climb ahead of me this morning, but am anxious to get started as I plan on about 70 miles today, but that is proving difficult in these mountains. It's looking better outside so this may be shorter than anticipated. I'm definitely in the mountains and the riding is beautiful, but I wish West Virginia would mark their back roads better....or at least mark them. There were several times yesterday when I had to stop someone and ask them where the heck I was, but hey, it all worked out and I had a good idea where I was and I was correct.

Tom, the WV map I tore out of your book has paid off greatly. You'd be proud of me for the back roads I've been riding. The roads have been pretty good, but there are no services along the way and the towns may be no larger than a house or two and you have to really look to see that it's a town. It's a very pretty area and the riding is good. Ann told me to take my time as she can't come get me until Friday so that was the main incentive to just ride and explore.

I ran in to three college kids from New York that are heading to San Francisco. I think they are starting a bit late, but that's their choice. I told them they may hit snow in Kansas and Colorado, but they're young. They've had quite a bit of mechanical problems so hopefully that will stop and they can have as much fun as I am.

It looks like it's about time to head up the hill so later as I need to go hook up the trailer and start climbing. Paul

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