Friday, October 2, 2009

Short trip to Brown County

I came home with Ann as the weather was not looking good and I can be choosy on when I ride if I'm not in the middle of a trip. I headed out Tuesday for Neil's farm in Brown County. I waited until I thought the traffic would be rideable on SR 222 and headed out about 8:30 and it worked out pretty well. I headed south through Batavia and on down to Georgetown where the hills started. I was a little surprised, pleasantly I might add, that the climbs were long, but gradual and I enjoyed them. Well, most of them anyway. The scenery was nice and the temps were cool and the sky cloudy, but dry. I found Neil's access road and after two boys told me the wrong way I looked at the map and went the other way and went to it.

I had to push the bent and BOB one mile to the camp site. I stopped at his neighbor's house to tell them I was going to be back there and they had a dog that was simply obnoxious! I smacked it several times and it just thought I wanted to play rougher. The lady and I put it in the garage so that it wouldn't follow me back to Neil's and thank goodness it didn't come back as I would have maced it had it appeared there.

Neil's farm was nice with a nice pond, but it was too cold to swim. The mile walk/push was a little longer than I liked, but it was easy enough with just a few hills. I had dinner #1 as soon as I got there at 4:30 and then dinner #2 about 6 and then read and looked at maps to figure out what I was going to do about the return trip now that I knew haw far it was, 75 miles, so decide to just stay the one night and head towards home and either ride it in one day or stop at East Fork Lake and camp the next night if I got there around when I thought the traffic would be too busy to safely ride SR 222.

On the way down the hills were at the end of the day which was nice, and there were a lot of hills, so Wednesday the hills were at the beginning and my legs were a little tired from the day before so they were hard and I enjoyed the ride. I ended up pretty much riding the same route back home with the exception that I took a bike route to stay off of a little more of 222. I ended up coming home as I got to 222 at a good time and had an easy ride home. It was a fun trip, but a little short. Ann thinks I wimped out as I got home sooner than she thought I would. Besides, this just allows me another short trip yet this fall. I want to ride Hocking Hills so maybe that will be the next trip.

I went out yesterday and rode 40 some miles on the trail and my legs were tired and even a little sore when I pushed. Good trip.

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