Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wow, here it is April 24 and I haven't put anything on the blog for quite awhile. So thought I'd drop a blog. I found a new bike comic at and it's pretty decent and has a new one daily. Tim Creamer sent it to me so thought I'd share.

Tom Wolf came over from Athens and he and I rode pretty much every direction from home to about Caesar Creek and then Tom continued on to Xenia where he spent the night and I headed south to home. Tom got 108 miles and I got 70. The trillium were just getting a start, but today they were a lot better and in a week they will be glorious.

I took off north to meet Tom and we met up and we rode south and I turned off for home and Tom continued on south to do another century. He's completed 60 consecutive months of centuries and over 120 total centuries in that time frame. Pretty impressive.

I've been riding the MB lately, but the bent will be back on the road shortly, but I'm putting mountain bike gearing on it if I end up taking it on the Blue Ridge Prkwy ride. The bent is just plain more comfortable. It's slower, but I'm slower, and I still enjoy it. I just can't ride as fast as I used to and that's the bottom line. But with close to 1000 miles so far this year I'm not too concerned. That's all for now. Possum

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